Price's Price

Stanley Price has dreamt since childhood of exploring the world. But, when the army posts him to Hong Kong in the 1960s, this officer, scoundrel and rake falls for the glamour, the girls and the gung-ho attitude. Swept along and seduced by this free-wheeling city, he is sucked into a delightful vortex of beer, women and bribes. His dreams remain ever-present but out of reach. Until, that is, he falls for a young lady who could be his redemption – or his nemesis.

'A love letter to Hong Kong, albeit an unusual one' - South China Morning Post (full review here).

‘A frank, funny and painfully sharp examination of expat mores and entrepreneurial excesses in late colonial Hong Kong. The narrator’s youthful plans for grand expeditions turn inward when he finds himself in Hong Kong, sending him down a rabbit hole of lust and deception from which there may be no escape.’ – Peter Humphreys, author of Hong Kong Rocks (Proverse)


"The exploits of an expat, expertly told. Authentic and revealing, an enjoyable romp (or series of romps!) through colonial Hong Kong. Maden tells it like it was... with barely a nod to modern sensitivities.' – Stephen Griffiths, author of Kowloon English Club (BlackSmith Books)


'Chris Maden stylishly evokes the clipped argot of the ex-serviceman bewildered by Chinese business practice, thieving partners, and dodgy investment brokers. He wastes no time in irrelevancies and gets us right into the heart of the matter, which largely concerns whether all really is fair in love, war, and business. And every word rings true!' - Lawrence Gray, Founder of Hong Kong Writers' Circle, Screenwriter, Director, Novelist, and now on-line game show host.


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Chris Maden, its author, has lived in Hong Kong since the mid-1980s, arriving at the end of the era in which this novel was set.

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